Intellectual property rights

    refers to...

    "Intellectual property rights" refer to any invention, copyright, or other rights over a brand or model and, more generally, any element that may be protected by international laws or conventions on intellectual property.

    Any Project involving several Innovators constitutes a collaborative enterprise.

    As such, the Organizers are free to reproduce, distribute, inform the public about the Projects.

    each innovator guarantees...

    Each Innovator guarantees that the person is the co-owner and co-holder of the Intellectual Property Rights regarding all or part of the deliverables submitted as part of the Challenge for the Project of which he/she is a member and that he/she has obtained all rights and permissions regarding all pre-existing elements and any elements for which he/she does not hold the rights if these elements are to be included in the deliverables in all voting phases. Each member of a Participating Team guarantees that his/her application is original and unprecedented, that it does not infringe upon the copyright of any third party, and that all the elements of which it is formed, as well as all pieces of information communicated in the application presentation document, are accurate, reliable and complete. It is compulsory for Innovators to indicate the source of any pre-existing elements (music, text, images, etc.) that are included in the deliverables. Each Innovator ensures good use of the deliverables provided by the Organizers, and as such guarantees:

    • That the deliverables submitted by the Team of which he/she is a member are original;
    • That they do not infringe on or imitate any copyright, patent, brand or any other intellectual property belonging to a third party;
    • That they do not constitute an act of unfair competition or parasitic competition of any kind;
    • That all the elements of which it is formed, as well as all pieces of information communicated in the deliverables, are accurate, reliable and complete.

    Each Innovator shall indemnify the Organizers, under the terms of the Portuguese Law, and any present and future subsidiaries, against any disruption, action, claim opposition, demand, or eviction attempt from any third party.

    During and after the Challenge, the products resulting from the team's work may reach such a degree of innovation or originality as to qualify for intellectual property rights. The Innovators shall maintain ownership of their creations and related intellectual property rights regardless of their success in the Challenge.

    The Winners retain the rights, as owners of the Intellectual Property Rights, to further develop and commercialize the winning Project as they deem fit.


    Every Innovator, in the event of being declared the winner of the Challenge, authorizes the Organizers to use respective last name, first name, Social Media addresses, contact details, age, food preferences in any promotional demonstration (except the purchase of advertising space), including on the website to the Organization, and any site or affiliated support, without this use, legally giving rise to any remuneration for a maximum of 2 years after the end of the Geekathon.


    The Organizers cannot be held liable in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the telecommunications network used, whatever the cause, which may harm or prevent identification or access of the Innovator to the event website, or any other website useful for participating in the Challenge.

    Participation in the Challenge implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics, limitations and risks of the Internet network and the technologies which are linked to it, particularly with respect to performance, response time, the security of computer software and hardware against various potential attacks, such as viruses, logic bombs or Trojan horses, and the loss or diversion of data. Therefore, the Organizers cannot be held liable for the damages caused to the Innovator as a result of these accepted characteristics, limitations and risks.

    The Organizers cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for any damage caused by defective or delayed delivery of the Projects, in particular for any refusal to consider late submissions, or for any damage caused by an inability to connect to the relevant websites or to upload/download correctly any delivery, defects or delivery times of any email sent during the Challenge, or for any damage caused by any constraint preventing the Innovator attending or participating in all or part of the Challenge.

    The Organizers cannot be held liable in cases of total or partial modification, suspension, interruption, adjournment or cancellation of all or part of the Challenge for reasons beyond their control. In such cases, the Organization will inform the Innovators at the earliest opportunity via the e-mail or by any means it sees fit.

    The Organizers cannot be held liable for the consequences of a disqualification of an Innovator, and/or a Team, due to a violation of the Rules, and/or in the event of the rejection of a Project due to noncompliance with the Rules.

    The Organizers shall not be held liable for any hindrance, action, claim or objection related to the use of the Projects of the Organization not foreseen in the Rules or in connection with the negotiation, execution or performance of contracts that the Organization may sign with the Innovators.

    In any case, the Organizers will not be held liable for the delivery of the Prizes, nor in cases where a Winner is unable to benefit from his/her Prize due to circumstances beyond the Organizers' control. The Organizers cannot be held liable in the event of loss and/or damage of the Prize during postage or any similar third-party service provision, and more generally if the Winner fails to receive his/her Prize. The Organizers cannot be held liable in the event of incidents or damage of any kind that may result from the enjoyment of the Prize awarded and/or originating from its use.

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